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Feminism - at least the feminism I fight for - INCLUDES men!
I will fight as much for men being treated well as I do for everyone else.
A feminist is a person who believes in the social, political and economical equality of the sexes - to quote Beyoncé. :D

But you have to admit, that for cis males, life is pretty darn perfect right now when it comes to politics and economics. Men don't need help there, everyone else does. (women still earn a lot less than men, and people with 'black' sounding names are at least 50%  less likely to be employed)
But one thing that makes me sick is that almost as many men are raped or are stuck in abusive relationships as there are women, but if a guy were to admit to being abused or raped, he will recieve hate - from MALES! (see Shia Labeouf).

So, ironically, I am fighting men for men.
We have to take care of each other!
Because unless your a heterosexual white male, life pretty much sucks very often.

I want equality, and feminism started that, and it evolved, and people need to come to terms with it ;)

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